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Achieve Picture-Perfect Waves in Minutes with WAVYLOOK Wired Curler

Effortless and Efficient Styling

  • WAVYLOOK Wired Curler heats up within 15-20 seconds for quick and efficient styling.
  • With support for 110V to 240V, the curler can be used worldwide, offering convenience wherever you go.
  • Customize your curling experience with four temperature settings (160°C to 220°C) and four timer settings (10 seconds to 20 seconds).

Customizable Curls for Any Occasion

  • Achieve various curl styles and cater to different hair textures with the WAVYLOOK Wired Curler's customizable settings.
  • The curler's ceramic coating, keratin coating, and negative ions promote healthy, shiny, and smooth hair, while preventing frizz, snagging, and static.
  • Say goodbye to tangled hair. The curler's anti-tangle technology prevents hair from getting caught, ensuring a seamless styling experience.

Safety and Ease of Use

  • The curler automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, providing safety and energy efficiency.
  • Enjoy effortless styling by curling both the left and right side of your hair with the curler's two-way rotation technology.
  • WAVYLOOK Wired Curler is designed for hassle-free operation, making it suitable for users of all skill levels. Create beautiful curls without any complicated techniques.
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What is the warranty?

We provide 1-Year Warranty for this item with 100% money back or full free replacement if any quality issues.

Does it work for short hair?

Yes, it works perfectly for short hair.

How to use it to avoid tangle?

Please comb your hair to remove knots before curling, and place no more than 1/2''-1'' strand of hair into the curling chamber for each curl.

Does it burn hair?

If you follow the instructions, WAVYLOOK Curler is easy to use and creates beautiful curls in a matter of maybe 30 seconds or less, it never gets hot enough to burn your hair, never tangle, and never burn.

Does this product work for people with naturally curly hair?

Yes, it does work with curly and thick hair.

What is the best temperature/time setting for thin hair?

It depends on what types of curls you want. For a loose curls, you can set 300-340°F and the timer at 8 - 12s and for tight curls, you can set the temperature at 360-390°F and the timer at 13 - 18s.

Can I reduce the beeping sound?

Unfortunately, no.


Choose a Plug Type

Buy 2 or More, Save 12%